A power-nap is a brief period of planned light sleep aimed specifically at regenerating the body and recharging its batteries. Studies have shown that a nap lasting no longer than 20 or 30 minutes can boost performance by up to 35 per cent and, when taken regularly, reduce the risk of heart disease by 37 per cent.

The relax’box from Ergodata offers room to relax even in public spaces. It features an ergonomically shaped reclining position and a comfortable neck pillow. The lounger is covered with durable material and the pillows at the head and foot with high-quality faux leather for hygienic reasons.

Lying in the relax’box you can choose between three different relaxing modes or you can just customize the choice of colors to harmonize your relax’box with your environment. Mobile phones can connect via Bluetooth to loudspeakers concealed beneath the fabric, or you can use your own headphones. The LED light underneath the bunk are switched to red as soon as a sensor detect a person using the box, to make sure that your power nap is not interrupted. One thing never changes: the integrated ventilation system runs continuously in silent mode.

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