flokk is an open and responsive platform for implementing interactive light installations without coding. Originally developed within a research project that explored the innovation potential of the OLED as a light source, flokk offers designers, architects and media architecture enthusiasts new possibilities for creating dynamic light experiences.

The flokk platform can be used to design smart luminaires up to smart buildings or even neighbourhoods. It consists of open hardware and software components and a cloud service to stitch them together. Open APIs are making it easy to link proprietary components to it. Because flokk is open to house any sensor – for example reacting to light, temperature, touch, sound and proximity – installations can be programmed to respond to different external stimuli, such as data from the internet, or interact with the audience. For example, a KUMOLED lamp captures the movement of people in its vicinity and then translates this data into a light scenography.
The core value propositions of the solution are the graphical programming interface based on Node-RED, a rich set of building blocks and open source hardware to design responsive installations.

flokk is an initiative of iart. Since 2001 iart realizes media solutions for exhibitions, museums, archi­tectural projects and exterior spaces projects at the cutting edge between media, art and technology.

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